The Edran Enigma is a low, impressive 2-seater supercar with a mid-engine layout. This concept ensures a superior road holding through an ideal distribution of the mass.

The distinct wedge profile of the Edran Enigma is determining for the overall shape of the car. The impressive front wheel arches and the extreme large, curved windshield make a first, breath-taking impact. Special attention has been given to the different sculptured air intakes, the huge front light units, the intriguing tail lights and the ventilated see-through engine bay cover.

The "Progressive Aerodynamics System" (PAS) is an ingenious aerodynamic system, subtly mounted in the front air extractor, which is proportionally activated at speeds over 120 Km/h. The gradual, upward movement of the extractor's curved profile, causes an increasing downforce with a stabilising effect on the road holding at high speed.

Other pertinent characteristics of this classically styled race car are the "gull-wing" doors. Designed in race car tradition and perfectly adapted for normal road use, the Edran Enigma's exotic character is due to the delicate interpretation of the typical "sixties"-lines. Its individual expression reflects the timeless aspect of its design.

The concept of the Edran Enigma has been specially developed so that all integrated components like e.g. engine, gull-wing doors and suspension system act undeniably as major "eye-catchers".