Type Dimensions
2-door, 2-seat "supercar" wheelbase 2.630 mm
gull-wing doors length 4.340 mm
width 2.010 mm
height 1.115 mm
Body Chassis
carbon-fiber/kevlar combination central carbon-fiber structure
flat-bottom-venturi design for ground effect at top speed with incorporated front & rear titanium structure
integrated spoilers front & rear incorporated front & rear crash zone
Engine Performances
V-8, central position acceleration 0 - 100 km/u in 2,9 s
7.2 l top speed 340 km/u
820 hp
Transmission Weight
6-speeds manual gearbox 1.240 kg
Suspension Tires
symmetrical A-arms front & rear front 245 - 650 ZR 18
inboard coil over shock units front & rear rear 335 - 670 ZR 20
adjustable front & rear
anti-roll system front & rear
Standard Equipment Brakes
Proportional Steering Assistance ventilated carbon/ceramic discs front & rear
Progressive Aerodynamics System (PAS)
hydraulic ride height control
traction control
2 frontal + 2 lateral airbags
A/C systeem
A/C-trimmed seats
full leather interior
fitted, hand-made leather luggage
power side windows
specially designed instruments & unique switchgear
roof-mounted, aircraft-style "dual" audio system console
head-up display with speed data