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Use of the website automatically means the acceptance of these terms of use in the version published by Edran Cars when the visitor uses the website. Consequently the user has to carefully read the terms of use each time he intends to use the website, as the terms of use in the meantime can be altered.

Duration and termination

In principle the access to the website is not limited in time. Edran Cars can however end or suspend the access to the website, without prior notice or warning.

Saveguarding of the privacy

The policy regarding the saveguarding of personal data is available under the cookie policy.

Purpose of the website

This website provides information on Edran Cars. This website is not a web shop. No purchases of any kind can be processed through this web site.

Content, management and availability of the web site

The content of the web site can be altered or completed by Edran Cars at any moment in time, without prior notice or warning. Edran Cars makes every effort to regularly check and update the information available on the website. Despite these efforts, there may arise errors in the available information. Edran Cars can not be held liable for any misprint or other error or inaccuracy in its content. If, in the provided information, any inaccuracies should occur, visitors of the site are invited to inform the person responsable for the website (see below).


Edran Cars does not guarantee the availability and the functioning of the website. Edran Cars reserves the right to alter the website at any given time, or to suspend the site temporary or indefinitely, without prior notice and without any possibility for compensation claims. Edran Cars can not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from either the use or the non-availability of the website, nor in general for any events pertaining this website or any website of a third party.

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Other sites are free to link to the website of Edran Cars. The link should be made to the homepage of the website at the following URL http://www.edran.com. The link should be made so that the user is directly linked to the website and that the website opens in a new browser window. Deep linking is prohibited. Creating a link to the website of Edran Cars should be reported to the person responsable for the website (see below).

Intellectual property

The website is an original creation of which the content as well as the structure are protected by the intellectual property rights. All texts, pictures, drawings, videos, illustrations, logos, slogans and other elements gathered on this website are protected by copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. All logos, trade names, company names or brand names mentioned on the website,are protected as a trade and/or registered trademark. Edran is a registered trademark. Any copy, adaptation, translation, processing, use, modification or distribution of all or a portion of the Website, in any form and by any means, is strictly prohibited unless prior written consent of Edran Cars.

Safeguarding the rights of Edran Cars

All visitors of the website are compelled to use the website in compliance with the law and with this disclaimer. Edran Cars takes great care in protecting their intellectual property and reserves all rights to take the appropriate mesures in order to avoid or terminate any damage to their rights, without any liability for the taken mesures. Furthermore, all violations will result in a civil and/or criminal claim.

Applicable law and competent Courts

The access to and the use of the website are governed by the Belgian law. All disputes and claims concerning the access to or the use of the website shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Courts with territorial jurisdiction regarding the registered seat of Edran Cars.

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You can contact the person responsible for the website by e-mailing to webmaster@edran.be or by writing to Edran Cars, Webmaster, Nicolaylaan 90, 3970 Leopoldsburg, Belgium.

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