André Hanjoul

"When a dream becomes reality... reality turns into a dream."

Everything starts with a dream

A supercar starts off as a dream in one's mind. It is a dream about a car that exists, hence the name, only by superlative characteristics.

Design determines the identity

The mission in building a supercar is to provide "the" ultimate driving experience. To ensure this long-lost driving excitement, the focus of the design has to be on both functionality and captivating lines. A perfect balance of these ingredients will determine the exclusive character of the end result.

Superior quality and timeless design

A "great" design is defined by the presence of quintessential virtues. With the Edran Enigma we captured these assets. Through the use of high-tech composite materials, avant-garde technology and high standards of hand-built manufacturing we deliver exceptional quality. On the other hand the "classic" touch we bring into the pure race car styling guarantees a timeless interpretation of every big boys' dream.